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Archive for October 2014

Our favorite Halloween treats and horrible candy tricks

It is that time of year when adults behave like children, playing dress up or make believe…and consuming pounds of candy in the course of 31 days. The Halloween season allows most adults to remember—if only for on brief sugar-rushed, fake blood-spurting moment—to reminisce on being a kid. Our Top Dog, Bill Musial’s favorite Halloween…

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Get the Best Reaction from Interaction on the Trade Show Floor.

During the hustle and bustle of trade show season, clients often feel overwhelmed with how to make their company stand out amongst a circus on the convention floor. Tents are erected with bright colors and patterns, while vendors shout (like carnival barkers) about their latest, world-famous technology. At Mopdog, our designers and event planners are…

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Designing the Car of My Dreams

Ever since I was 15 years old, I’ve been really interested in all types of car racing, except NASCAR. I like sports car racing, rally racing, the Endurance series, Formula 1 and most racing that’s not stock car. Out of all those passions, I travel the most to watch Endurance sports car races. A lot of…

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A Halloween costume contest…The Mopdog way!

For the past week, our dog pack has been busy designing costumes. But not the kind you wear to go trick or treating. Instead, we have been dressing up, and at times dressing down, our furry mascot, Moppy. Perhaps the most zany costume came from our top dog, Bill Musial, who reimagined Moppy as Mr.…

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Mopdog Supports Local Giving Campaign

A season filled with of crisp autumn air and pumpkin-flavored treats means it is time for Cobb County to rally behind The Center for Family Resources’ Thanks for Giving Campaign. This year marks the 29th year of the annual charity campaign by The CFR, a nonprofit organization that works to stabilize and empower families so…

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