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Archive for September 2015

Mopdog’s Trailblazer Trains for an Appalachian Climb

The blistered heels and strained calves I earned with each climb this weekend has brought me one step closer to my next goal. Starting on Oct. 9, I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Slackpack the Entire Georgia AT event. I will travel with a group of 21 people, as we climb close to 85 miles in six days, staying in hiker hostels each night!

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Mopdog Speaks Podcast and Toolkit: How to Respond During a Crisis

We’ve all seen the lettering painted on bright red boxes: In case of emergency, break glass. But what if the emergency is a communications crisis at your company or organization—out of control and spreading like wildfire across the Internet? Without a detailed crisis communications plan in place, your employees, stakeholders and clients might run for…

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