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Archive for January 2017

What Visual Storytelling Can Do For You

Have you ever opened a textbook or manual to find pages filled with only text? It can be pretty overwhelming, and it might make you feel completely unmotivated to scour through the information on the page, even if it is valuable. This same feeling can happen with online marketing, too! When you write full pages…

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“Button” Up – It’s About to Get “Chili”

We are ONE WEEK away from the liveSAFE Resources Boots, Blue Jeans and Chili Cook Off, and the excitement is building! Those who come out to the cook off will receive more than just good food, entertainment and the joy of supporting an important cause. Mopdog’s very own Bill and Cheryl Musial will be handing…

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New Year, New You!

Hey, do you remember 2016? Neither do we, because it’s 2017 now and everything has changed! Okay, so not everything has changed, but your marketing strategy for the New Year definitely can! No matter how 2016 went for your business, there’s a couple of different ways you can keep your marketing on track…or get it…

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Join Us at the Boots, Blue Jeans and Chili Cook Off!

Our Topdog, Bill Musial, and our Chief Strategy Officer, Cheryl Musial, will be attending and participating in the liveSAFE Resources’ Boots, Blue Jeans and Chili Cook Off on Saturday, February 4! Bill and Cheryl will be cooking up their “world-famous” chili for the cook off! This cook off is an annual event that is meant…

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Sequoia Golf, headquartered in Atlanta, manages a portfolio of high-quality, private resort golf facilities located across the United States. THE SITUATION Sequoia Golf needed a solution for creating a new offering – four individual golf courses that would be branded under one identity. At the same time, the golf courses needed to keep their individual…

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Cobb Alcohol Taskforce

Cobb Alcohol Taskforce is an alliance of individuals and organizations that mobilize and challenge Cobb County, Georgia adults and teens to reduce underage and binge drinking, by advancing strategic enforcement, policy and education goals. THE SITUATION In partnership with the Cobb County School District, the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) awarded a…

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