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Archive for November 2016

Give Thanks!

No matter where you are in life or what sort of year you’ve had, there is always something to be thankful for. The dog pack here at Mopdog is thankful for a great number of things including but not limited to…   -The arrival of hot cocoa season. -The ability to spend each day with…

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And a Funday For All: Policy Proposal 3

Here we are at the end of an election cycle, and just in time, our Topdog and presidential hopeful Bill Musial has released his final and most drastic policy proposal yet: 3-day weekends and adding in a “Funday.” Check out Bill’s plan outlined in the video below! Bill Musial 2016! Because why not? If you’re…

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Bill Musial 2016: Breaking Down the Issues

Shortly after announcing his candidacy, presidential hopeful from The Unicorn Party and our Topdog, Bill Musial, has released a video outline of his first policy proposal. By amending Halloween to fall on the last Saturday of October, we take a step closer to a more well-rested nation. Check out the full announcement below! Bill Musial…

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Topdog for President!

Of all the political commentary we’ve heard this election season, perhaps the most repeated phrase we’ve heard is, “Do we really have to choose between THESE two?” The answer, luckily, is no! Understanding that it is rather late in the game, our Topdog, Mopdog Creative Director Bill Musial, is throwing his hat into the proverbial…

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