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Archive for February 2019

Let’s Meet! Anna

My name is Anna, and I’m Mopdog’s newest recruit! I officially started as Copywriter in January. I started this series, “Let’s Meet!” last month with my first post on Simone, our Marketing Coordinator. I’ll sit down once a month with another member of the pack to meet the people I help support. I thought it…

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The Evolution of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been a practice over 20 years in the making now. While most working in web development, advertising and related fields will say that SEO is just a developer’s tool to make your site show up higher in Google rankings, the concept has expanded to so much more than that. SEO has…

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How We Use Social Media Today

Social media has evolved within the realm of business. A few years ago, social campaigns were mostly driven to marketing departments given that most companies managed social media internally. Today, social media supports initiatives beyond marketing in areas such as sales and human resources. It has direct ties to progress in employee engagement and retention…

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Mopdog Went to the Groomers!

mopdog website

You may have noticed some small changes to our website. A new blog post here, some graphics there and – oh yeah! We completely redesigned and rebranded Mopdog’s online presence. The recent changes reflect a more modern, streamlined image that represents the quality of our services. After years with the previous design, the pack took…

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