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Let’s Meet! Anna

My name is Anna, and I’m Mopdog’s newest recruit! I officially started as Copywriter in January. I started this series, “Let’s Meet!” last month with my first post on Simone, our Marketing Coordinator. I’ll sit down once a month with another member of the pack to meet the people I help support. I thought it was a great chance for all of you to meet the geniuses behind the curtain at the same time. But let’s backtrack.


I’ve been a writer since high school, and I carried that passion to university, and now a career. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies from Kennesaw State University (KSU) after transferring out of the Creative Writing major at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. “Integrative Studies” is the term used by KSU for self-design majors. I combined coursework in Communications and International Affairs with my craft classes.


Before my start at Mopdog, I recently completed an internship with the Carter Center in Atlanta, GA, as their Communications Intern. I utilize my education and professional experience thus far to cultivate unique, effective voices for each of our clients here at Mopdog. It’s my job to curate relevant content daily, weekly, and monthly for companies working across multiple industries. It’s a responsibility that I cherish, given the amount of trust required between Mopdog and our partners.


When I’m not at work, I’m either geeking out over pop culture or planning my next trip. I spent a large portion of my college education studying abroad, and I try to visit my friends around the world. I lived in Morocco for a semester, and visited countries like Ghana and Cuba for weeks at a time. I think my passport impresses, but Simone may have me beat. My day-to-day life is much more relaxing. I’ll talk Game of Thrones and Marvel all day long. No shame.


Stay tuned every month for another Let’s Meet! post and learn more about the incredible people behind the hard work here at Mopdog. Follow all Mopdog insight and events on our blog.

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