How We Use Social Media Today

Social media has evolved within the realm of business. A few years ago, social campaigns were mostly driven to marketing departments given that most companies managed social media internally. Today, social media supports initiatives beyond marketing in areas such as sales and human resources. It has direct ties to progress in employee engagement and retention rates. As brand loyalty grows more important in today’s economy, consumers want direct access to the companies they trust.


Total global Internet users have passed the 4 billion mark; more than half the world’s population is spending part of their life online. With so much noise on the Internet, it’s crucial that companies nail down what their goals are for using social media. Hootsuite hosted their 2019 Future of Social event online and listed the Top 5 Goals of Organizations.


  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Manage Brand Reputation
  • Build and Manage an Engaged Community
  • Increase Conversations/Sales
  • Gain Customer/Market Insights


Driving reach and engagement are still the top social goals for businesses. 61% of organizations promoting themselves online use social media to increase conversions and sales.


Once a company defines their goals for using social media, they have to determine the best vehicle for success. “Which platform is right for us?” According to Hootsuite, B2B organizations have the most traffic on LinkedIn, whereas B2C organizations prefer Instagram right now.


There should be a strategy behind the social media channel chosen to filter an organization’s content through. Facebook and Instagram have more personal content compared to LinkedIn’s business/professional approach to social interaction. The strategy that performs the best sees tailored content for each channel. If organizations don’t have the time or resources to develop their own social media strategy, there are companies like Mopdog who stay on top of industry trends and changes for them.


Learn more about the work Mopdog does for companies, not just social media strategy and maintenance. Contact us for a quote today.

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