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Archive for April 2015

Mopdog Shares Its App-titude!

Mopdog was brought in by HealthLink Dimensions, after the creation of the mobile app to market the product for a successful launch. Mopdog crafted the marketing artwork for the connector, including an app logo and ad featured on the Concur App Center.

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Take Your Online Persona to a Professional Level

Once seen as just a high-tech resume, job-hunting platform, LinkedIn has expanded into a vital B2B marketing and promotional tool. Because LinkedIn’s professional focus is also built around personal relationships, the best use of the social media network is not just a company account, but also through profiles of leaders at your organization.

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Mopdog’s In-House Fashionistas Share Style Secrets for Any Professional

You may have a clear since of style, but is your look coming through as a successful personal brand? It is important in the professional world to take an honest look at how colleagues and clients see you, and ultimately quickly view your skill level. In this day in age, the business side of yourself is not always presented in person, but often as an online persona.

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