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Archive for July 2013

Cringe worthy design crimes

There are only a few times in life when you’re allowed to commit certain design crimes–like that 6th grade PowerPoint project, where your favorite font was comic sans and you discovered all of those seizure inducing colors and effects. But those design elements you loved in grade school would make any designer cringe today. Mopdog senior…

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Vine vs. Instagram video: which culture fits you best?

There is little doubt that Vine and Instagram video are competing in a heated battle to become the top video-sharing app. Within two weeks of the Instagram video launch, Vine came out with their biggest update to date. But there are still arguments on whether or not the introduction of Instagram video will make Vine…

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Fiona joins the pack!

Fiona joined the Mopdog pack as an intern in March and she was so great that we decided we wanted her here full time! Fiona will be putting her creative writing skills to work as our newest Copywriter. All about Fiona: Fiona is a proud atlanta native, gym rat, video production nerd, dog lover and most…

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Everyone should be a bit more dog

Say goodbye to “grumpy cat” and hello to an active feline who spends his days trying to be more like a dog, and he’s a big hit online! We certainly promote the idea that everyone should try to be a little more dog-like (of course, our name is Mopdog) but we also think the creative marketing approach…

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