Vine vs. Instagram video: which culture fits you best?

There is little doubt that Vine and Instagram video are competing in a heated battle to become the top video-sharing app. Within two weeks of the Instagram video launch, Vine came out with their biggest update to date. But there are still arguments on whether or not the introduction of Instagram video will make Vine obsolete. Although the two video sharing apps accomplish the same task, Vine and Instagram have starkly different cultures.

Vine came onto the scene in January of this year and it wasn’t long before the culture erupted. Users take advantage of the 6-second time limit and the loop feature to create insanely hilarious and creative videos.  Since Instagram introduced video, Vine has seen a decrease in the percentage of links shared on Twitter making people question whether or not Vine will survive. However, the 13 million #teamvine users are committed to the app and are happy with the niche Vine videos are falling into.

Before Instagram introduced their video feature last month users were accustomed to seeing highly edited and filtered pictures of pets, food, landscapes and the infamous selfie. Although many users are simply transferring their picture taking habits to video, some businesses have started incorporating Instagram videos as a part of their marketing strategies. Check out how some businesses are taking advantage of Instagram video.

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At Mopdog we use Instagram to keep our followers up-to-date with the daily activities around the doghouse and we found it really easy to start using the video function. Keep an eye on @mopdog_creative for more videos of the pack.

Do you think that the Vine culture will survive the introduction of Instagram video? We would love to hear your feedback.

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