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Archive for June 2014

SEO Case Study Part 2: Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation

In March, we first shared the results of our Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation (JMCDF) SEO Case Study. Over the last three months we have continued to monitor analytics on their website and we have since seen additional results regarding SEO improvement. Take a look below at how traffic to the website continues to increase…

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Presentation: 4 Practical Steps to Social Media Success

Yesterday, Cheryl spent the morning with the North Fulton Council of PTAs discussing four practical steps to social media success. Throughout the presentation, Cheryl provided information on how to 1. Determine your social media identity, 2. Know what your goal is, 3. Know who you are trying to reach and 4. Ensure you have the right…

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Scarevertising is in, and it’s working

You may have noticed a scary commercial or two flicker across your television screen, like the Woolite “Torturer” TV Commercial. Many companies are beginning to feature scary ads that range from off-putting animated characters to levitating creatures. What do we say about this scary advertising? If it works then go with it! According to a…

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How important is your URL?

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the final stages of developing a website. It looks fantastic. The links work, the page is easy to navigate and each tab is filled with amazing content. All there’s left to do is launch … or is there something else? Did you check your URLs? You should! Do…

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