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Archive for September 2014

A Month-long Engagement on Facebook

Rumors have been circulating around the blogosphere that Facebook is dead. In order to separate fact from fiction, Mopdog made an extra effort to engage on Facebook for two months. Our case study has shown, while the number of Facebook users may not be overwhelming, the amount of reach and engagement a company can achieve is still great. In fact, the audience on Facebook is loyal and excited to engage. They are more than just followers, they are fans.

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Timing Is Everything – When to blog, post and send your messaging

Various content strategy websites, and most inboxes of marketing professionals, are filled with guides advising companies on the character limits for social media posts, formulas for crafting the best blog headlines and tips for the best call to action in emailed newsletters. But implementing all of this advice will only fall on deaf ears if…

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The Social Network Making Business Personal—Are You Networking on LinkedIn?

Our content strategy team at Mopdog wants to ensure our clients are using LinkedIn’s tools and engaging, so they can benefit from the platform’s shift to a marketing focus. One of the first aspects is to realize that although your business might have a company page on LinkedIn, any interaction with other businesses and individual people will need to come from an individual profile.

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How to manage someone else’s message about your company

If the information is less of an error and more unsubstantiated rumors, it is a fine line if a company should fire back. Is the target worth the effort? How much credibility does this blogger have or how damaging is the information? Would drawing attention to the post only make the “bad press” worse?

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