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Archive for June 2013

#Hashtag, you're it!

Facebook has officially jumped on the #hashtag bandwagon and is now incorporating functional hashtags into their posts. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, Facebook hashtags are clickable and searchable bringing real-time conversations about specific events or topics to the forefront. Many Facebook users have been incorporating hashtags into their posts before, but now when a user…

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What’s Your Social Media Brand?

Social media is everywhere. Businesses use it, teenagers spend hours on it and even older generations are beginning to adopt the evolving phenomenon. As new social media platforms arise, the younger generations dive in, pick up the reigns and run with it. SnapChat is one of the newest platforms and already the app has become…

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Gadgets & Gifts: A Guide to Buying for Father’s Day

The Mopdog team is here to help make sure that you give dad a unique gift this Father’s Day. So, forget the typical tie and shirt combination and try some of these tech savvy gifts! Gulp Gulp: There are multiple unique gift options for the dad who enjoys a cold one.  The Chillsner  is a nifty…

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After the John Travolta Wedding Crash

We’re sure you all heard about how John Travolta crashed that Atlanta couple’s wedding. Well yes, that was our Project Manager’s wedding! We think it’s pretty cool that he was there, but from a marketing perspective we had a lot of fun digesting the viral reaction to the news. What started out as a simple…

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Timeless Lessons: Lead or Be Led

As employees at Mopdog, we learn from the best of the best. Our pack leaders, Bill + Cheryl, are constantly involved in the community and don’t hesitate to step into leadership positions. Just recently, Brooke Murphy, our marketing specialist, learned that she has been nominated and accepted into the Leadership Cobb class of 2014. Leadership Cobb is a…

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We’re Excited!

Mopdog has been named a Top 25 Small Business of the Year for 2013. This is our 8th consecutive year in the Top 25 and this year we were honored to be in the Top 5 alongside Puckett EMS (overall winner), Genesis Elevator Company, LOUD Security Systems and RYECO. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with many of…

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