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Archive for February 2017

Should You Go Live?

As soon as a new feature on social media comes out, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and forget to think about if using the feature is benefitting your company’s brand in any way. One of the newest examples of this is Facebook Live. Implemented into the platform last year, individuals and…

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New Dawg on Board!

We are excited to announce a new addition to Mopdog, Chelsea! A graduate from the University of Georgia, Chelsea is a true “Dawg” inside and out! She is our new Copywriter, so be sure to follow our blog and social media to see her work. You can also see more about her through our bio pages!

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Cupid Strikes

There’s no way to hide it – Cupid hit Mopdog hard this year, reminding us how much we love our clients! We’d have it no other way than to share the joy we find in design, development, multimedia, strategy and communication with our clients. From Old Dogs to New Pups, our Show Dogs and the…

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So You Want to Sell on Social Media…

With social media as popular as it is in our world today, selling on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more can be very beneficial. Consumers are more likely to go to your website seen on a post as they scan their news feeds. But how can you use social media to sell…

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Sweet to Spicy!

The Boots and Blue Jeans Chili Cook Off proved to be very eventful and exciting as we helped raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault. There were several great organizations and teams present, 19 in all. Although we might not have come home with any plaques or titles, we certainly left everyone remembering our…

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