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Archive for July 2016

Facebook Pages Update Is Serious Business

If you’re reviewing your company/organization’s Facebook Page and thought that something seemed off, then we’re happy to let you know it’s not just you! Facebook Pages has updated the look. As you know, Personal Profiles are for non-commercial use and represent individual people. Facebook Pages look similar to personal profiles, but offers unique tools for businesses, brands and…

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Pokémon Going Social

Last Sunday at one in the morning, I found myself in the very last place you would expect to find anyone on a hot summer’s evening: my college campus. What’s even stranger is that the campus was relatively busy. The only reason my friends and I (as well as all the other people we encountered…

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Creative Coffee Flavors With Aroma Ridge

At Mopdog Creative + Strategy, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of work we put into each project, but also on the excellent companies and clientele we get to work with. It’s always a huge joy for us to work on exciting projects, and over these past few months, we’ve had the opportunity…

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