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Archive for October 2016

Mopdog is on the Case!

Mopdog Creative + Strategy has been in business for a long while, and as such, we’ve done some pretty great work. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself! Client: Dekalb Pediatric Center Dekalb Pediatric’s website was outdated, unresponsive and had inconsistent styling throughout. They needed an updated and coherent look to bring…

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Mobility for All

In today’s day and age, your brand could be seriously suffering if it’s not well optimized for mobile devices.   Almost everyone has a smartphone of some sorts, and the number of people who own tablets is going up every day. In addition, changes in technology have changed our expectations so that we expect everything…

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How to Strengthen Your Brand Through Online Presence

Building a reputation can be hard, and building one online can be even harder. When you’re trying to establish a recognizable and solid brand, how you appear online can be one of the biggest question marks of the whole process. In a community so vast, how do you get your brand to stick out? More…

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Get Ready: Fall is Here!

It is now officially fall, which means the weather will become cooler, the leaves will turn different shades of orange and jeans will be more comfortable than shorts! In addition to all the seasonal changes we know and love, fall also brings with it the opportunity to shake up some of the themes you’ll use…

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