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Archive for December 2014

Mopdog Pack Lacks Resolve on New Year’s Resolutions

When questioned about their New Year’s resolutions, many people in our office had yet to make any final decisions. Our Topdog himself, Bill, said he never makes them; Chris S. still hasn’t finished last year’s resolution; Carolyn doesn’t wait until the New Year to set a resolution; Michele makes resolutions every day; and Tonni responded, “What’s the point of this question?”

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A Holiday Movie Montage

From outrageous physical comedy bits to tear-jerking sentimental moments to classic scenes memorized by each generation, the Mopdog pack cherishes every genre of holiday movie this time of year.

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Is there Business Interest behind Engaging on Pinterest?

It might sound chaotic, but Pinterest is one of the more pleasant experiences users can have on social media, with low pressure, positive sharing—free from the pitfalls on other platforms, like the politics on Facebook and the short shelf life on Twitter. For businesses, the focus on browsing, coveting and purchasing the latest products could make Pinterest a retailer’s dream.

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Mopdog breaks out of the box.

The change in web design is being driven by varying screen sizes, with people accessing the Internet from a range of devices. Next year, researchers predict more people will use mobile devices instead of personal computers to go online—meaning the design for company websites has to evolve and adapt to be displayed on all types of platforms. In the past, designers were painted into a corner with rigid placement of website navigation and structure. Now, pages on the Internet are spreading across the screen with more fluid movement. This means the dimensions can be resized from a widescreen personal computer monitor to long, vertical mobile tablets to tiny cellphone screens.

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