What Visual Storytelling Can Do For You

Have you ever opened a textbook or manual to find pages filled with only text? It can be pretty overwhelming, and it might make you feel completely unmotivated to scour through the information on the page, even if it is valuable. This same feeling can happen with online marketing, too!

When you write full pages of copy dense with information where color is sparse, you run the risk of turning off your audience. No one uses paragraphs of information about their brand as their homepage, so you shouldn’t with your marketing content either! Here are a few ways you can use visual storytelling to shakeup your branding and marketing strategy.


– Create material that’s worth sharing.

The value of likes and favorites on social media should never be understated, but your brand is far more likely to gain new attention when your followers share your content. The trick is to create eye-catching images that not only fall in line with your branding, but also have the “shareability” factor that makes people think, “This can apply to my social following.”

Funny pictures and memes can be great, and you’ll undoubtedly gain more followers, but what will you actually gain from these posts? If you want people to share your content, there’s has to be something in it for them.

– Infographics and other images should always be branded. 

Right now, I’m staring at an infographic I printed and put up at my desk of when the best times to post on social media are. It’s colorful and well-organized, but most notably, it’s got the name of the company who made it listed at the bottom. I not only have another company’s material sitting at my desk, but it’s marked with their logo, meaning that I’ll never forgot where it came from. Branding all of your material can help your name stick in other people’s minds, whether they realize it or not.

– Don’t be afraid to specialize content.

Not everything your company posts is going to be “Instagram worthy,” and that’s totally okay. Sometimes it’s good to have content that you post on one social media outlet that doesn’t go anywhere else. This way, you give followers a reason to keep up with each social media page you run.

Take a look at some of the visual storytelling we do here at Mopdog Creative + Strategy through video!

Raising Help Introduction from Mopdog Creative + Strategy on Vimeo.

Still confused on how to best use visual storytelling?  Contact us now to set up a meeting or email Cheryl Musial, Chief Strategy Officer at [email protected].

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