Get the Best Reaction from Interaction on the Trade Show Floor.

boothDuring the hustle and bustle of trade show season, clients often feel overwhelmed with how to make their company stand out amongst a circus on the convention floor. Tents are erected with bright colors and patterns, while vendors shout (like carnival barkers) about their latest, world-famous technology. At Mopdog, our designers and event planners are becoming experts at the latest trade show trend, which begs prospective clients to “step right up” and become part of the act.

A recent wave of video marketing swept across the trade show floor in nearly every industry. Although this type of communications piece is a great supplement to traditional advertising, a basic video is often viewed, at best, as a commercial and, at worst, as background chatter. Mopdog is at the forefront of the next leap in animation and video—interactive media.

A trade show is the perfect venue for customers to interact with digital messaging by touching, clicking and scrolling to reveal more content. Interactive features can include shapes on a map, buttons pinned to photos and quiz questions. No matter the delivery method, the real key is having the audience use the features, in a self-guided way, to unfold layers of “actionable content.”

homeConsumers are no longer an idle audience. Experts predict that soon all video marketing will be interactive, especially on personal computers and mobile devices. “Because consumers are always on the go, agencies have had to learn how to cater to a smartphone- and tablet-wielding populace,” stated T.L. Stanley in a Sept. 29, 2014 piece, “5 Ways the Ad World Has Changed in the Last 10 Years.”

By exploring a company’s messaging and brand in this personal, interactive way, the user feels attached to the content and the engagement will stick in their minds. The potential reach with an interactive media piece is enormous, because these crafted packages highlight both the personality and technical skill of your company. For this reason, these potentially expensive and time-consuming interactives call out to be shared by customers with friends and colleagues…essentially another audience who will view the interactive as informative AND entertaining.

In the Case of One Global Company

Headquartered in Atlanta and with facilities across the world, CP Kelco innovates concepts and ideas in real-world products for a broad range of applications, from industrial to consumer and household products. CP Kelco’s Asia Team recently attended the FIA Asia 2014 Derivatives Conference in Singapore, “next door to the biggest, fastest-growing consumers of commodities in history.”

peachy-yoghurt-productA long-time client of Mopdog, CP Kelco wanted to leave a lasting mark with customers by showing their products at work. Our Mopdog designers created an interactive piece that disclosed scrumptious, propriety recipes—revealing how CP Kelco’s additives enhance the taste, texture and fluidity of various products.

The virtual piece took our team four weeks to create, including not only the imagery and copy, but also the technical components of the iPad tablet presentation and how to deliver it to the client in a venue with no Internet connection.

CP Kelco wants this unique, signature piece to have a life beyond the trade show floor—to be used by sales staff in on-on-one and group presentations in their “roadshow.” The CP Kelco’s Asia Team said the iPad display, which is more seamless and professional than flipping through printed pages, gives the company a more progressive image. This dynamic demonstration is a testing ground for CP Kelco to explore a cost-effective way to move towards paperless brochures.

With one leading company already thrilled at our modern twist to marketing, Mopdog wants to develop more quality messaging with a unique delivery that is sure to put any company on the top of everyone’s call list!

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