Designing the Car of My Dreams

Mopdog Car - FullEver since I was 15 years old, I’ve been really interested in all types of car racing, except NASCAR. I like sports car racing, rally racing, the Endurance series, Formula 1 and most racing that’s not stock car. Out of all those passions, I travel the most to watch Endurance sports car races. A lot of the vehicles traversing the course in those races are based on cars you could actually buy.

A few weeks ago, I heard about this contest from an automotive blog called Jalopnik and also from Hennessy Automotive. This contest gives fans an opportunity to design a Porsche 911 GT3  that will be driven by Patrick Dempsey at the Cup Challenge Brazil.

The contest intrigued both my design and racing interests, so I downloaded the PDF from the website and got to work on my Porsche. If you were about to get the thrill of a lifetime and race a customized car, what would your design look like? Take a look at some of my designs below.

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