Our favorite Halloween treats and horrible candy tricks

candyIt is that time of year when adults behave like children, playing dress up or make believe…and consuming pounds of candy in the course of 31 days. The Halloween season allows most adults to remember—if only for on brief sugar-rushed, fake blood-spurting moment—to reminisce on being a kid.

Our Top Dog, Bill Musial’s favorite Halloween candy treat was Reese’s. But, as a kid he hated when a toothbrush was snuck into his trick-or-treat bag. In our office, Reese’s was a big hit, with Web Architect Chris Sands and myself placing that candy on top. However, Chris Sands loathes Smarties and I detest anything grape flavored.

Speaking of the worst, the most loathed Halloween treat was peanut butter taffy in unmarked, plan wrappers. Although Cheryl Musical hates those peanut butter taffies, she loves Snickers. Interactive Designer Adam Stephenson and Senior Art Director Tricia Saul also both dislike the peanut butter taffy, but love Butterfingers and Banana Laffy Taffy.

Candy Corn was also a very unpopular treat around our office. Account Manager Mirtha Vaca-Wilkens listed candy corn on the bottom, but Hershey Kisses at the top. Art Director Garrett LaBrie also hates candy corn, but craves 3 Musketeers. Graphic Designer Tonni Islam dislikes candy corn, but loves lollipops. In the corn category, Traffic Manager Christine Fecik listed popcorn balls as the worst Halloween treat, and Snickers as the best.

Senior Copy Writer Rachel Gray will search through any Halloween bag for Bottle Caps, but pitches away the Smarties. As a kid, Web Designer Byron Johnson was always on the hunt for Sweet Tarts, but hated finding pennies in his trick-or-treat bag.

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