I’m Inspired By…November

A couple of the team members are sharing some things that have inspired them this month. So, enjoy their inspirations, we can only hope they inspire you too. And for a little extra, browse our Get Inspired board on Pinterest!

Byron Johnson – Web Designer

Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is located in Homestead, Florida and consists of many megalithic stones weighing several tons each. Just one man, Edward Leedskalnin, built the entire castle single handedly moving each stone using techniques that have yet to be fully explained. I find everything about Leedskalnin’s creation astounding, from the nine ton rotating entrance door to his success at keeping the construction process hidden from the public. Ed achieved only a fourth grade education, though the Coral Castle stands to show what can be achieved when one individual fills themselves with passion and dedication.

The Shining

I first saw The Shining many years ago, though I recently saw the documentary Room 237 which provided me with more reasons to fall in love with this film all over again. Room 237 focuses on nine Stanley Kubrick enthusiasts, who discuss the embedded themes they believed Kubrick purposely placed within his version of the The Shining. These themes range from the genocide of the Native Americans, to the Holocaust, and Kubrick’s involvement with the Apollo 11 moon landing. The documentary never acknowledges if any of these themes were in fact added to the film on purpose by Kubrick, though if any of them hold validity, the sociological layers Kubrick embedded within this movie makes The Shining one of the most inspirational films I’ve seen this year.

Chris Sands – Web Architect + Strategist


Many have known me to say that “My friends have always been my family, and my family have always been my friends.” Every single day I interact with my friends via Facebook, messaging or even playing a game online (We typically skype). I have a very tight knit group of friends that I would do anything for back north where I’m from. I know that they would do the same for me. I’m inspired by everything we say or do and share with each other. My family is spread all over the United States, but some how we always find a way to keep in touch. We inspire each other every day with new ideas from all of our professions.

Bug Hunting

shutterstock_85711637My first job out of school was a Jr. Web Developer. I’m still a developer to this day, but my job comes with continual challenges that push me to do things better every day. One of those challenges is ‘hunting for bugs.’ Programmers don’t always write the most neat, efficient or effective code. This often causes problems in functionality or performance. Now, they don’t always do this one purpose. Time constraints, deadlines or even the potency of the coffee can cause this. Bug hunting is the process of testing and documenting features or applications that don’t quite operate the way they should. I’m inspired to do better by analyzing and rewriting code I’ve done in the past.

Check back with us next month to see which team members are feeling inspired. And we would love to hear what inspires you, so leave us a comment below!

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