Thanksgiving with the Mopdog Pack

The pack got together to share about what we are thankful for as well as our Thanksgiving traditions—creative + strategy edition. Check out what everyone at Mopdog had to say:

What are some of your Thanksgiving family traditions?
Topdog: My Grandma Viv used to make butter tarts every Thanksgiving, and now Cheryl does. They are truly a piece of heaven.

Cheryl: All day “grazing” and family game night

Michele: I have laughing, joyful memories of Thanksgivings long past when our family of eight would join my uncle’s family of eight for rollicking, somewhat chaotic, holidays full of love. Our aunt, uncle and cousins would road trip from Columbus OH to visit us in Chicago IL; and of course, they all stayed at our house.  Sleeping bags everywhere. We never wanted them to leave; and one year, we had a big snowstorm and they closed the Interstate. We kids were positively gleeful!

Most fun tradition from those years: We would always attempt a big family football game with even the youngest cousins running with the ball! Of course, sometimes a dad might pick up that little one – football still in arms – and sprint for a touchdown! 😃

Tricia: When I was younger, I enjoyed getting together and eating lots of yummy food. Nowadays, I am hitting the hiking trails and getting outside.

Estefany: Some years we have very small celebrations where I go to my mom’s, cook a meal and enjoy an oversized (seriously, too much for only 4 people) pumpkin pie. Other times, we meet at my cousin’s house where each family brings a dish. Then, we just have a good time and great conversations. When it comes to the time after Thanksgiving, back in the day, we used to go to the mall for Black Friday shopping. Now, we just shop online.

Connor: Thanksgiving has always been a chill holiday for me and my family. We typically just cook a small meal and enjoy a small gathering of immediate family and watch football and enjoy the day. One tradition me and my mom started when I was younger is, we always make sausage balls on thanksgiving. They are one of my favorite foods ever and the only time we make them is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mariella: My dad always grills/roasts a turkey on his Big Green Egg, and my mom cooks a bunch of yummy Thanksgiving casseroles. After the big lunch, the men of the family normally end up playing poker while the women drink wine and talk.


What are you most thankful for this season?
Topdog: Moving boxes! Without them, we would not have been able to condense two houses into one.

Cheryl: My health and being surrounded by those I love

Michele: This year of COVID-19 has made me thankful for each day that brings good (and better) health. I am thankful for the absence of the disease for many; and I’m thankful for the recovery from it for others.

Tricia: Family, Friends and Health

Estefany: I am very thankful for my health and the health of my family—that is the biggest blessing we can have right now. I am also thankful for being able to wake up every day to do what I love, my job.

Connor: I am most thankful this year for my new job, being able to have a final season on the drumline, and great friends.

Mariella: I am most thankful for my freedom to learn, be with others, work, and enjoy life. I try to not take these things for granted.


What philanthropic cause or organization are you thankful for?
Topdog: Cobb Community Foundation, they helped us set up a Family Foundation a few years back and they continue to help us find ways to give back to the community.

Cheryl: The Wellstar Foundation – the funding provided to help drive innovation and services benefits so many Georgians to live healthier lives.

Michele: This year, I have been turning to organizations that support families and individuals living “on the edge” of society – the homeless, the hungry. There is always poverty; yet, the economic shifts brought by the pandemic have made me even more thankful for the organizations that are working daily to serve the neediest among us.

Tricia: Mopdog 🙂

Estefany: I am thankful for the local organizations that work tirelessly to provide resources to community members in need. Specifically, I am thankful for organizations like The Homeless Period Project and Free99 Fridge, which provide resources to combat the lack of availability of menstrual products and food respectively.

Connor: The American Cancer Society is my favorite organization. My aunt passed away from cancer two years ago. She had been fighting against it for almost 7 years, so the organization hits close to home and is one I strongly support.

Mariella: I am thankful for Food Security for America, a Georgia-based nonprofit that creates communities for people in need of food security and nutritional education. I was able to help provide content for the organization’s website, and I am thankful to be a part of a good cause that helps build people up.

Now you know a little more about the pack’s Thanksgiving family traditions, and we hope you enjoyed it! What memories and traditions are you grateful for?

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