Branding Your Online Meeting Space: Customizable Zoom Interfaces

Did you know your online meeting space can have a custom, on-brand look for your organization?

Recently, one of our clients expressed the need for a customized Zoom Meeting interface where visitors would visually recognize the space as one belonging to them, from the very first visit.
Our team got to work and developed visuals representative of our client that added credibility and style to their Zoom platform.




Whether basic and clean or bright and playful, your online interface will present elements unique to your organization such as your logo, color scheme, and imagery.

The Mopdog team will develop a custom interface that is unique to your brand and welcoming to your customers. Branding your Zoom interface is the first step to showcasing a united and professional environment to your clients. It builds a strong image and sets the stage for successful meetings and lasting impressions.

Interested in learning more about obtaining your own branded Zoom interface? Contact us via email or call us at 678-737-7333.

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