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We are surrounded by thousands of logos on a daily basis. Some stick in our minds, while others do not. So I thought it would be interesting to ask the pack which logos made enough of an impression on them to gain the title of their “favorite logo.”

Check out the contenders: mtv-logo

Adam: I like the old-school MTV logo and the Star Wars logo.

Alisa: I’m a sucker for clever and simple logos. A few of the best are: Choice Humanitarian, Iron Duck Clothing, Circus of Magazines, and I’ve always loved the iconic simplicity of Apple.

Bill: Mopdog of course! Mopdog_logo_194

Brooke McMillan: “I Love NY” and Apple.

Brooke Murphy: Apple’s logo. I love how it can just stand alone as an image, without any words. That, to me, is the epitome of a successful logo. Kind of like the Nike “Swoosh.” That’s another one that I like a lot.

Byron: I’d have to go with Apple.

Cheryl: Besides Mopdog…Godiva.

Chris Sands: My favorite logo is the Sega Dreamcast logo.

Chris Vroman: The Superman and Disney logos are my favorite because of their ability to bring out the childlike excitement in people. Nike-Swoosh

Fiona: I really like the simplicity of the Nike logo, it’s so simple yet so recognizable. I also love the Apple and Google logos as well.

Katelyn: Saks Fifth and Apple.

Lauren: Apple’s a good one. I like Coach, too. I feel like it’s a pretty distinct logo. If I saw the logo, I’d recognize it. I guess that’s the whole point: brand recognition.

Tricia: I like Diet Coke’s logo mostly because I drink it a lot and see it a lot. I like Target’s logo too.

Zack: My favorite is the Half-Life 1 logo.

Comment below and share some of your favorite logos with us!

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