Your Employees Should Be Your Best Brand Advocates

With all the focus on B2B communications, client acquisition ROI and lead generation, some companies have forgotten their best source—and often most attuned audience—for successful online marketing. There is a real movement in the industry to have less “company speak” on social media platforms. Instead, many businesses are generating a more personal tone, which often starts with employee buy-in.

Employee buy-in lunch“The inner workings of a business can affect a brand’s public image, especially in this digital-obsessed era,” according to Beki Winchel’s article, 5 Ways Internal Content Can Boost Your Brand. “Sharing this type of internal content helps customers and social media followers relate to your company, and it can make your brand seem more human.”

This is why a key to your social media strategy is empowering employees to share your organization’s brand story. Start by tagging employees in posted pictures of internal celebrations, such as lunches out on the boss or break room chats over sweet treats brought in for a birthday. Once you (as the social media guru) get started, other employees will also remember to snag some great candid moments and staged group shots to showcase your fun company culture.

Not only do customers appreciate companies that treat their employees well, it is also a great way to attract candidates who want to work for an organization that values their staff.


The ROI of Your Employees’ Social Connections
chilli cookoff buyinMotivating even a majority of your employees to share information about your company online can be tricky; so your communications staff must make it easy for them. Create insightful or fun social media teasers that any employee can quickly tweak when sharing to their personal network of friends, family members and former colleagues.

At a minimum, your leadership team of executives and well-known stakeholders should be given a strong directive to participate in at least one social media platform. In this day in age, online engagement should be part of a business model to build a positive digital reputation for any organization. Myself and Bill Musial (president, creative director and all-around top dog) are both very active on our own personal/professional Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. And many of our employees, from account managers to content writers to web developers, are also stewards of our brand.

Want to follow our daily activity? Check us out.

In fact, we have reached nearly 900 followers on Twitter alone, and hope to push past 1K by the end of the summer! We hope you will become part of our firm’s ever-expanding reach. Our social media feeds are filled with the latest insights on marketing strategy and creative design, and serve as examples of the best way to engage with an online audience.


Who’s Steering This Thing, Anyway?
National Boss Day buy-inIt is vital that your company designates someone internally—or hires someone externally—to steer the social media ship. Once a plan is in place, it takes everyone else’s support to build the momentum required to move your company in the right direction. With a large enough force, your business is sure to make some ripples in the market.

Mopdog is here to help you create a social media policy and train your staff on the reasons social media is vital to a modern-day business and the best ways to be engaged. Below is an in-depth list of past blogs, webinars and other Mopdog-original resources, which include explanations about the SEO benefits of Google+ and how to reinforce your brand through artistic channels, like Instagram and Pinterest.


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