2019 Marketing Trends and Tactics to Implement Today

If you’ve spent much time researching online marketing and/or social media marketing, you’ve most likely come to realize the need for separate company social media pages versus simply posting about your company on your personal social media profiles. Doing so offers your pages increased benefits, including:

  • Showcasing your services
  • Receiving reviews and check-ins
  • Viewing detailed insights on content and post engagement
  • Boosting content reach and engagement with paid advertising

But your role on social media from an individual standpoint isn’t quite over. As a chief marketing officer (CMO), president, manager or member of the company leadership team, your new role on social media should be advocating your company social media pages, engaging with content from your business’ accounts in order to help drive traffic to them. Sharing and liking your company’s posts will allow all of your personal followers the opportunity to view, react with and potentially follow your business pages.

An added benefit to sharing your company’s content – your reputation as a thought leader, active social media member and resource for industry insights will increase amid your connections and followers. Not to mention it will also benefit your company’s relationships with its customers and clients.

82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose executive team engages on social media.   Source: GO-Gulf

In addition to increasing your personal engagement with your business’ social media accounts, here are a few other trends and online marketing tactics to implement as soon as possible:

Focus your content on key accounts.

While your natural is to generalize social media content for anyone and everyone who might be interested in your services, several findings prove account-based marketing (ABM) targeted specifically to key clients and audiences offers greater rewards:

  • 85% of marketers that measured ROI found that ABM initiatives performed better than other marketing efforts (ITSMA)
  • Businesses utilizing ABM realized an 84% improvement in reputation and 74% improvement in customer relationships (ITSMA)

Don’t be afraid to reach out to key influencers.

Your company won’t always have as big of an influence on your target audience as industry bloggers, small-town heroes or other related celebrities. In fact, your services and products might seem more credible and/or appealing if consumers’ favorite influencers endorse them. Do your research on who your audience is following, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them and utilize their clout. In addition to higher credibility, content posted by influencers will gain more reach and engagement than content posted on your company accounts.

Remember, you don’t always have to sell.

No one wants to follow businesses that are only focused inward, promoting their services without any insight and interesting information to offer. Move your content more toward native advertising, adding value to your followers’ newsfeeds and providing information they want to read, engage with and share on their accounts.

Consumers are 20-60% more likely to interact with native advertising than traditional.

Source: HIS

By staying educated on the latest trends, you can engage in meaningful dialogue with your followers, offer relevant content in efficient ways and build your personal reputation on social media.

If you need assistance creating an online marketing strategy for 2019, call 678-737-7333 or email [email protected].

We’d love to help your company improve its marketing efforts.

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