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Extra Grateful for Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that reminds us to reflect on all the incredible things we are grateful for, such as family, friends, traditions and FOOD! The dogs at Mopdog took a moment this year to reflect on some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes


BILL: I love my mom’s stuffing. It’s so thick and moist with tons of spices, onions and mushrooms.

CHERYL: My mom’s homemade cranberry sauce is my favorite dish.

PAULINE: My mom’s sausage and parmesan stuffing is my absolute favorite dish! We all love it so much that we make her prepare it for Christmas dinner as well!

CHELSEA: I’m a stuffing person myself. Not dressing, which is a huge difference!! But I love stuffing cooked inside the turkey with onions and celery and other spices.

TRICIA: I like mashed potatoes with gravy and homemade biscuits. But you can’t forget the pumpkin pie for dessert.

MICHELE: The nostalgia around all the traditional foods we ate is still so palpable. There was nothing spectacular about any of the food other than we couldn’t wait to eat it!  Of course, I loved my mother’s stuffing and the warm pumpkin pie made from cans of Libby’s pumpkin and store bought piecrusts.

MARTIN: I enjoy oven-roasted brussels sprouts. I have no specific memories of this vegetable, but you tend to remember you ate them the following day…

SIMONE: My mom’s world famous mac and cheese is my favorite! At Thanksgiving, there are lots of delicious foods, including fresh vegetables from my cousin’s garden. But everyone is always waiting for my mom’s mac and cheese. It’s baked, cheesy, creamy and delicious. I love it.

ADAM: I’ve got a few favorites. My family also tends to cook the exact same dishes every year. My aunt Linda makes this thing called a bucket cake. She basically takes a huge bowl and layers angel food cake, strawberries, vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Simple, but I usually walk away about two pounds heavier just from this dessert.

Thanksgiving is a really special time to be thankful for great families, caring friends, amazing clients and all the other joys that surround this time of the year. Mopdog wants to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hope you’re surrounded by love, amazing food and wonderful family tradition this season.

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