Social Media Engagement in 2019: Instagram

One of the most popular social media platforms available, Instagram has grown exponentially over the years. Focused on visual appeal and user experience, the platform is constantly adapting to changes in consumer behaviors (Instagram even dabbles in e-commerce now).

Recently, HubSpot and Mention released the Instagram engagement report, What Your Company Needs to Know for 2019. Our copywriter, Estefany Palacio, looked over the report’s findings in order to share some of its information with you, as well as further discuss the impact that Instagram can have on your business.


The Report

The information provided by HubSpot and Mention stems from a recently conducted study. About 48 Million Instagram posts were analyzed and about 300,000 of the top users, to observe trends about engagement and other information that is influential in marketing and brand development. 

Engagement is one of Instagram’s most important metric for the majority of businesses. While there is no specific definition of what engagement means, most accounts based their engagement on the interaction other users have with the account. This interaction can be seen in likes, tags, views, etc.

Keeping in mind the impact that Instagram can have on your business, the main categories driving engagement that we are discussing from the report include the following:








Hashtags act as keywords that may signal when a post belongs to a specific topic, brand or identity.


The Report: The number of hashtags used in a post doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement with the content. Overuse and misuse of hashtags can cause them to be irrelevant; therefore, not benefitting your post. Branded hashtags are a way to make your hashtags relevant.


When thinking about hashtags, keep in mind the fact that quantity does not mean relevance. If you want to be relevant with your hashtags, there are ways to ensure your content is more personalized and appropriate for your specific audience.



Tagging takes place when an account user mentions other accounts, whether in conversation (as part of a story or chain of posts) or to provide credit for content that is being repurposed or shared (say, you repost someone’s post).


The Report: While tagging may help with brand exposure, it is not always the best approach.


When using tags, make sure they are relevant to the account, the organization goals and the post’s content. Tag other accounts when it truly makes sense.



In the case of Instagram, your community is comprised of your followers.


The Report: As the application has grown in user numbers, it is still harder to have more followers now. When thinking about community and engagement, a large community does not necessarily translate to a large account engagement.


Regardless of the number of followers your account has, make sure to engage with them and provide them relevant content.



Influencers are individuals who are highly influential in their social media circles, in order to promote their products and services. Many businesses work with influencers, and micro-influencers are a very common group that promotes businesses. These users have 50K – 100K followers that are a highly engaged community.


The Report: “One of the biggest reasons why influencer marketing on Instagram is so effective is because it eliminates the barriers of traditional advertising.”

Micro-influencers are invested in their online presence.


Influencers may be able to help you promote your business. However, you should keep in mind that your social media strategy is only one part of your marketing plan, and it should follow your business goals, not just trends.


Other Report Facts to Keep In Mind

The following reflects the user landscape for the millions of accounts that are currently active in Instagram:

0 – 1K: 46/6%

1K – 10K: 33.5%

10K – 50K: 9.8%

50K – 100K: 2.7%

100K – 1M: 5.5%

1M+: 1.9%


Fact: 71% of businesses use Instagram


Fact: 80% of users follow a business


What Do We Do With These Facts?

Reports from places like HubSpot, Mention and other organizations help us better understand the state of digital communications, including social media. By keeping up with the latest information surrounding the different tools and products available to help you promote your business, we are able to provide a thorough marketing plan and outstanding communication services. This allows us to ensure your business targets the right audiences at the right time and with the right content.


In the case of social media, these platforms can greatly benefit your business, if used correctly. Social media provides a space for more direct and targeted communication. However, sharing content through social media should be executed in a way that follows a strategic plan driven by your organization’s goals.


Every business has different marketing and communications needs, and at Mopdog, we understand that. If you would like to learn more about our marketing solutions, including social media management, contact us here.



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