Mopdog & Raising Help Artist Chalks Up Success to the Great Community

This month, the Raising Help team of strategists was very excited to support the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, who is dedicated to building community through art. Powered by the creative designers at the partner company Mopdog Creative + Strategy, Raising Help provided probono promotional support for the Marietta Chalktoberfest.

postcardThe team crafted a strategy plan for engaging on social media, which included announcements about live music, the craft beer fest, kids fun zone and chalk competitions. As a firm, we completed 13 large banners for the two-day event, as well as online ads and printed handouts with the event schedule and a map with vendor information.

But, perhaps even more exciting than the work being produced at our firm was our involvement with this colorful and lively festival outside the office. To start with, Raising Help was proud to be one of only two main stage sponsors at this year’s festival. And, Mopdog Senior Designer Adam Stephenson was one of the local artists creating original works around the Marietta Square.


First Time Chalker
Besides the three hours of prep work to plan and outline the most important aspects of his design, Adam spent 12 hours over two days to create his masterful work. His rose design relied on the use of geometric shapes and dimensional structure, much like his other pieces of art—from contemporary paintings to cityscape photography. Although Adam has completed a few murals around Atlanta, he had never ‘painted’ with chalk before.




Although Adam had experience with acrylic, pastels, graphite, paint and oil markers, the idea of manipulating an unfamiliar medium like chalk on asphalt was terrifying. Adam’s limited experience was understandable, considering he was one of the youngest artists on the street, even in the amateur category. But, in the end, Adam said, “I liked being challenged. I liked the pressure.”

Chalk3chalk4 The Marietta Chalktoberfest drew the biggest audience to ever view Adam’s artwork in person, at one location. Not only was the platform a giant opportunity, but Adam really enjoyed showcasing his art outside of a gallery, especially with the excitement from kids at the festival. Adam enjoyed the kids’ enthusiasm, with compliments like, “Nice coloring, guy!”

Adam also found the chalk artist community to be very warm and inviting. The vibe was not competitive at all, with more experienced artists sharing encouraging words like, “You can do it. You got this.” And, because Adam finished early, he was able to help other artists.

Adam has been invited back to participate in Marietta Chalktoberfest next year. The entire Mopdog pack and Raising Help team cannot wait to further support both him and this great festival!



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