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In our previous blog post about LinkedIn, we briefly spoke about the high-level benefits of having a page for your organization on this platform. Connecting professionals from all over the world, LinkedIn is a space where you can share information pertinent to your industry. You can share thought leadership by uploading files, interact with hashtag feeds associated with your page, discover content that may be trending with your target audience, interact with your employees, and so much more.


Depending on the type of organization you are and the products and services you offer, having a Showcase Page within your main LinkedIn page will help you create more exposure to more specific aspects of your organization.


What are Showcase Pages?

Showcase Pages are extensions of your LinkedIn Page. They are listed under the “Affiliated Pages” on your main page and are designed to spotlight individual brands, business units and initiatives.


Showcase Pages operate similarly to your main LinkedIn. They provide the same posting options and analytics reporting to help meet your organization’s growth objectives. What makes a Showcase Page stand out is the fact that they provide a space where your messaging can be more focused on a specific aspect of your operation while maintaining consistency with your brand image.


Who should use Showcase Pages?

If you are an organization that needs to present personalized information about a company product, service or initiative, a Showcase Page may be a better way to communicate your content. Also, if the updates on your main Page target a specific group within your following, this could signal the fact that you are ready to launch a Showcase Page and deepen engagement with that particular audience (LinkedIn).


It is important to note that you cannot associate employees with a Showcase Page since some employee engagement features will not be available (HubSpot).



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