Let’s Meet! Estefany

Let’s meet Estefany, Mopdog’s new copywriter. Her focus at Mopdog is to work with the creative and strategy members of our firm to develop written material that best serves the communications needs of our clients. With a diverse client portfolio at Mopdog, she is very excited to interact with different subjects, industries, and overall topics in her day-to-day.

Estefany is originally from Colombia, from a beautiful city called Manizales. However, she has been living in the United States for quite some time. She arrived to Georgia when she first came to the United States, and it has been her home since.

Estefany’s bicultural and bilingual backgrounds had a strong influence on her decision to pursue an educational path in writing and communication. With a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Professional Writing, she has been able to explore different approaches to writing based on theory, technology, trends and identity. She is curious and enjoys learning new skills and subjects. She also loves to interact with digital technologies and different mediums of content creation and delivery, in order to provide her audience with the best user experience possible.

Outside of work, Estefany is just as curious and interested in learning. She loves to read and tends to follow a theme or specific author for a few months, before moving on to the next subject. She also loves to go to the gym, which is boot camp style. Even though the work can be challenging, Estefany enjoys her workouts and the incredible people that make part of her fitness community. She also likes to challenge her culinary skills by recreating recipes and creating her own.

At Mopdog, Estefany is looking forward to supporting our clients by creating content that supports their marketing and communications goals. We are excited to have her join our pack! Let’s give Estefany a warm welcome!

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