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We are busy here at Mopdog. Really busy. We all need a little something to keep us going. A little something outside of the work, eat, sleep, repeat routine. A little something that inspires us. So today we are going to hear a little something from a few of the team members, and see if we can’t share a little something with you.

Alisa Davis
Graphic Designer


I am extremely fortunate to have such incredibly talented friends. And not just in design fields, but all sorts of fields: photography, philanthropy, fine arts, music, marine biology, education, jewelry making, and the list continues.


I think they have a really cool and usually vibrant perspective on the world. I volunteer with City Camp in Atlanta to keep up with the things that kids are into these days. They also keep me young.


I truly love anything that exercises my sense of touch and compels me to find out what it feels like. My phone is filled with photos of textures that I come across and would like to work with if given the right project. Right now, my favorite paper texture is STARWHITE® touch it, then you’ll notice its soft, velvet-like finish.

Design Surprises

What I mean by that are designs that reveal something (like say a secret message) that the viewer would only notice if they are paying close enough attention. Yes, this type of design will be lost to most viewers but it’s especially rewarding for observant individuals and fans. In particular, I like design surprises with a quirky sense of humor, because they make me smile.

Design with a Reuse

I really enjoy designs–particularly in packaging–that offer a reuse after the initial design has served its purpose. Not only are these types of designs nifty but they are usually environmentally friendly.

Brooke McMillan

MAD-pumpkin-pie-115425139Pumpkin Pie

A dash of cinnamon, a pinch of salt and a bunch of other ingredients meld together in a round pan of deliciousness. I certainly can’t resist a slice of pumpkin pie, especially when it’s homemade. For me, pumpkin pie marks the beginning of fall, my all-time favorite season!

iOS 7

There are some creatures of habit out there and I’m certainly not one of them, so I’ve welcomed the colorful new iPhone update with open arms–or hands I should say.


One of my closest friends just got married and I was lucky enough to be her Maid of Honor. We planned, crafted and DIYed to the max to save money. Seeing all of the little (sometimes stressful) pieces come together for a beautiful night was fantastic!

Adam Stephenson
Interactive Designer


Have you been outside? Its amazing out there. Cool mornings, cool evenings, cool breezes during the day. For me this season enhances everything: movies are more emotional, music is more intense, food is tastier, even the beer is better (must drink: Southern Tier Pumking Ale!) Its just simply good to be alive this time of year.

The_Joe_Rogan_ExperienceThe Joe Rogan Experience

Byron here at Mopdog turned me onto this. I was kind of expecting not to like it. Turns out Joe Rogan defied my expectations. The topics of conversation greatly depend on the guest, but some of my favorite and frequent topics are: transhumanism, consciousness exploration, and conspiracy theories.

Grand Theft Auto V

It might seem a little silly to put this as a major source of inspiration, but its certainly not. This game is potentially the fastest selling entertainment property in history. Its not just the successful marketing that puts it there either. Everything that I’ve loved about this series, this game has taken to the next level. The soundtrack is excellent. The story, though featuring many tried and true archetypes, is being told in a clever and exciting way with interweaving storylines. The social commentary is smarter and funnier than it’s ever been before. The gameplay itself has even taken very large steps forward. Play it! You’ll love it. Parents: Please, please don’t buy this game for your kids, it is strictly adult entertainment.

What’s inspiring you right now? Tell us, because we would love to know!

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