Which Platform will Come out on Top?

Posted on June 6, 2017, by Chelsea

Sometimes it feels like the more technology advances, the less creative technology gets. Upgrade what’s already in place. Take a version of someone else’s idea and make it your own.

What am I talking about? Social Media platforms.

Image perceived to contain Beach Coast Outdoors Sea Water  on the Which Platform will Come out on Top? - Marietta & Kennesaw GA pageIt seems like only yesterday Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram were new crazes that just hit the market. Facebook was the main social media channel, unless you wanted chat on MySpace or AOL Instant Messenger.

Nonetheless, these main four remain: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. And over the last few years, they’ve increasingly begun to perform similar tasks. Snapchat allows users to post stories; Facebook created Facebook Live, and then Instagram Stories and live streaming capabilities came out as well. Snapchat provided an easy way to snap a photo and edit it before sending. Facebook followed and so did Instagram.

The most recent change involves Snapchat and Instagram. Everyone who uses Snapchat has sent at least one bunny-eared or crowned picture to friends, playing around with the various filters provided in the app. Just a couple weeks ago, Instagram came out with a great “new update”…face filters. And yes, you can find bunny ears, crowns and other similar filters in the mix.

So which platform is the leader in the pack?

According to DreamGrow, the most popular social networking site to date is Facebook, with 1.9 billion monthly users. Instagram came in third with 700 million monthly, and Twitter followed with only 313 million.

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And when social networking apps were compared, Facebook’s Messenger app took the popularity lead over the formerly mentioned “Big 4,” with Instagram coming up in fifth, and Snapchat just barely making it into the Top 10.

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My best guess as to why this is – while Snapchat has created these great and unique abilities on its platform, Facebook and Instagram reach a much larger audience that varies greatly in user ages (Facebook even more so than Instagram).

Will one make the others obsolete? Will anyone create cutting-edge updates that will separate their channel from the others?

Only time will tell.


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