Whose the dog with all the fans, who travels the world to far off lands? It’s Moppy!

Moppy businessWhen I was hired to work at Mopdog Creative + Strategy three years ago, the firm was already hard at work crafting animated personas for clients, to help share their brand identity and messaging to customers.

The entire team quickly realized a cartoon mascot was an excellent way to increase visibility for any company. (A little personification goes a long way. And, Mopdog can provide that friendly face.) And, consistently producing these types of pieces was the best way for the creatives at Mopdog to showcase our capability and for our strategists to shine at implementation.

Basically, everyone knew it was time to create a Mopdog persona, to represent us in a fun and youthful way.


Newest MoppyThe Moppy Style, Perfected Over Time
From the beginning of Moppy’s creation, I knew he would be a red dog to match the Mopdog brand and logo. To this day, aside from the occasional barking, Moppy has no recorded voice and there is no detailed backstory for his character. What Moppy does have—in every form or reiteration over time—is a big eye and tuffs of fur.

No matter how many tweaks I make to Moppy, the focus is to keep him flexible. Like the Mopdog firm, Moppy is always progressing and venturing into new areas of marketing or advertising space. Still, there is also a set of personal rules I follow when incorporating him into a new concept, so the drawings can be quickly produced.

The beauty of Moppy—and any successful animated company persona—is that he can be customized for internal fun at the office, like cooking competitions, or for client outreach, such a branded gift giving at the holidays.


                              moppy-chilli-cook-offMoppy Coffee

Where in the World Is Moppy?
At Mopdog, our branded persona plays a vital role in every department, whether as a video to share in a digital e-communications piece or as an image splashed across our website. I have even been known to incorporate him in some of the greatest moments of pop culture from past decades, to be mounted on the hallways of our office space.


Moppy on the Moon However, at a busy marketing firm, it can be hard to find time for self-promotion. So, our brilliant team came up with a new approach that will allow Moppy to keep current with the latest tends. This fresh engagement tactic should increase our audience reach on social media and attract attention from around the world.

Now, there are several cutouts of Moppy on a stick, which for the first time has taken him off the screen and made him as a physical, 3D object. The new initiative has gained quick momentum from our communications experts…but I think these ladies just love any excuse to hang out with the coolest mutt in town.

My hope is that our team keeps finding ways to place Moppy in interesting situations that I could never imagine. After all, it is about capturing him in real-life experiences. Check out “The Adventures of Mopdog” photo album on Facebook or follow Moppy on Instagram and Twitter.

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