Learning each other's personalities

What a fun day at the office! We had an exciting visit from Linda Beggs, trainer/facilitator of Linda Beggs Associates. At our office we work closely together when it comes to our projects and our clients. In order to better understand each person’s individual communication style we all took a personality assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©. Linda came in yesterday to talk about the results over lunch from Emma’s Bistro so we could all get a better understanding of each other and how we work the best together. Thank you Linda for all of the interesting information!

Here is what we learned from Linda:

  • Our team is full of personality similarities and differences
  • There are four types of MBTI Temperaments, most of us were classified as (NF) or “Idealists”
  • We are happy to have Tricia and Adam to keep our team balanced!

The image below shows which work style each of us fell into.
As you can see we are exceptionally “intuitive” at the Mopdog office!

Below is a breakdown of what each letter represents and where our team members fall within each of these categories:

  • How do you perceive the world?
    Sensing (Tricia)
    Sensors like to take information that is real and tangible. They look for details in information.

    (Bill, Cheryl, Adam, Martin, Chris, Justin, Brooke, Katelyn, Lauren)
    Intuitives take in conceptual information pertaining to the “big picture.” They focus on connections and relationships and are attuned to new possibilities.
  • How do you make decisions?
    Thinking (Tricia, Adam)
    Thinkers like to look at logical consequences of a choice or action. They “step back” and consider the situation objectively, weighing options.

    Feeling (Bill, Cheryl, Justin, Martin, Katelyn, Lauren, Brooke)
    Feelers like to look at what is important to themselves and others when making a decision. They “step in” and consider the situation subjectively, weighing what is best for all parties involved.
  • What recharges your batteries?
    Extraversion (Cheryl, Brooke, Katelyn, Lauren, Chris, Martin, Adam)
    Extraverts prefer to focus on the external world or people and activities. They gain energy from interaction with people and taking action.

    Introversion (Tricia, Bill, Justin)
    Introverts prefer to focus their attention on the internal world of ideas and experiences. They gain energy from reflecting in their thoughts, memories and feelings.
  • What do you show the world?
    Judgment (Lauren, Katelyn, Tricia, Bill)
    Judgers like to live planned, orderly lives. They want to make decisions, come to closure and move on. They prefer to avoid the last minute crunch when managing projects.

     (Cheryl, Martin, Chris, Brooke, Adam, Justin)
    Perceivers like to live flexible, spontaneous lives. They get energized by the last minute to get things done.


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