5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Email Marketing

Even though we use email every day to converse back and forth with customers and clients on current products, projects and matters at hand, it can be easy to forget to take the time to update them on office happenings, upcoming events and relevant trends and interesting information. Though it may seem unnecessary or feel like an extra step to do so, these news and events updates crafted into e-newsletters can offer many perks for your company.

Create Relationships with Customers

Reach out to new customers to build rapport with them, and make them feel noticed and taken care of within your company. For existing customers, emails with company updates and special discounts only continue to strengthen their relationships with your brand. When customers haven’t interacted with your company in a while, don’t be afraid to reach out and remind them of why they love you – and attaching a special discount will only entice them more.

Stay Top of Mind

Life gets busy and people forget to engage/keep up with your brand or purchase your products and services sometimes. But when you have a consistent e-newsletter – created weekly, monthly or quarterly – you gain opportunities show up in their inboxes again and stay top of mind with your most loyal customers.

Get Personal with Your Audience

Studies have shown that open rates increase when emails are coming from an actual person, not a company. Luckily, platforms such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor allow you to customize who is sending the email. So don’t be afraid to get personal with your audience, sending emails from the CEO, Marketing Director and other team members. Just be clear in the email what company the sender works for to maintain a strong and consistent brand image and identity.

Easily Track Your Success

Email marketing platforms allow you to easily see which emails are not delivering, who is opening and engaging with your content and even which links your contacts are clicking on. These metrics allow you to see what content people are reading and are interested in, and what they aren’t, which will allow you to better strategize for future newsletters.

Continue the Conversation

Motivate your email audience to get social with you by using social sharing buttons. Not only will this allow you to gain more followers on social media, but it will also offer your audience the chance to see your content more often. This is a great way for your customers to be able to easily engage with you, share your content and allow their friends and followers to discover your company as well.

With so many reasons to fall in love with email marketing, we only have one question for you – are you ready to jump in? If so, call on the dogs at Mopdog to support your efforts!

We can help make sure you’re utilizing this platform with the right content strategy.

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