Have You Discovered this Instagram Hack?

You’re probably tired of seeing it and more tired of typing it out. It’s frustrating to have to give instructions just to hope your followers can see your content easily.


Before you get confused, I’m talking about the infamous Instagram bio link that, until recently, we had to switch out often to make our “Link in bio” comments work effectively. And if we kept our bio links as the business homepage or general blog, you’d have to share with your followers the name of the specific blog you want to read, or describe how they can access the page through your website. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and can easily lose the interest of your readers.


But not anymore.

With Linktree, users can maximize their allotted one link in their bios with one that opens up to multiple links of your choice. Just create a Linktree account, choose your sites and place the link provided in your Instagram bio. Such a simple yet incredibly helpful and stress-relieving tool for businesses! (Why didn’t we think of that?!)


Now, you can allow your biggest fans to easily access your homepage, specific blogs, case studies, services and whatever other links might be relevant to helping your target audiences discover who you are and what you do.


Need some inspiration for your Linktree page? Check out our Instagram bio! Better yet, hit the follow button while you’re at it for frequent insight from the Doghouse!

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