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Does Your Website Say “Not Secured”?

Does your website show a “Not Secure” notification before your URL? Don’t panic! Mopdog’s got you covered.

If your website is showing a “Not Secure” notification before your URL, that does not mean that your website has been hacked, yet. What it actually means is that your website does not have an SSL certificate.

What’s an SSL Certificate?
We know what you’re thinking… What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a global standard security technology that helps to secure your website through encrypted data between computers and servers. An SSL certificate scrambles and jumbles up sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, emails, usernames and passwords during communications and transactions. The encryption becomes “unreadable” by any hackers or identity thieves trying to intercept your information.

Once the SSL certificate is successfully issued and installed, the application protocol, HTTP (look familiar?) will change to HTTPS. The ‘S’ stands for secure.

It’s More Than Just For “Security”

Although the main function of an SSL certificate is to secure your connection and communications with your website’s visitors, it actually has a few other positive benefits!

• Provides Authentication: SSL certificates are not just given out to anyone. SSL providers run thorough identity checks in order to verify the authenticity of the company before issuing a certificate. Visitors of your website can rest assured knowing they are on the right landing page and can trust making a purchase through your secured website.
• Increases Your Google Ranking: That’s right! Google ranks websites with SSL certificates slightly higher than those without. Google has stated that a strong HTTPS encryption is a factor within their search algorithm. It may not be the end all of boosting your SEO rankings through the roof (btw Mopdog’s got you covered on how to do that too), but even the slightest SEO boost makes a difference!


Give us a call today and have Mopdog set up your SSL certificate, 678-737-7333!

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