Support Your Organization’s Social Media Marketing: Consider the 5 Pillars

Social media marketing embraces the use of social media platforms to engage and communicate with your target audiences to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.


A Quick Exercise:

Take a few minutes to think about the different social platforms your business has. Names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube may come to mind.

Now, think about the types of posts your organization shares through these platforms and ask yourself the following: “are we utilizing these platforms to their fullest potential?”

Whether your answer is yes or no, there are always ways to improve your organization’s social media presence and its influence in the industry. The best way to recognize where your organization may need help when it comes to its social media platforms is by understanding the pillars that drive this form of marketing.

The five pillars of social media marketing can guide you and your business to a more successful digital presence. Keep reading for a brief summary of the 5 pillars of social media, what they are and how they influence your organization.


The following categories need to be considered when utilizing social media as one of the marketing vehicles for your organization:

  • STRATEGY: Understand your organization and your audience.
    • Consider your business’s goals—increasing awareness, boosting sales, driving more website traffic, etc.
    • Consider your audience’s way of interacting with your content. Market to your audience where your audience is by marketing in the platforms they are using.
    • Determine the parameters you will use to measure success with your posts.
    • Display the type of content that engages your audience—videos, articles, images, educational content, etc.


  • PLANNING & PUBLISHING: Define times and schedules for posting. Consistency is key.
    • Utilize content and visibility calendars for content management.
    • Timing of posts is important, do your research on your audience’s social media usage, and post accordingly.
    • Be consistent in your posting frequency.


  • LISTENING & ENGAGEMENT: Be responsive and make a connection with your audience.
    • Engage with your audience. This includes monitoring your channels for comments, tags, direct messages and hashtags.
    • Respond accordingly to comments and reviews; have a plan of action to deescalate negative situations on social media.


  • ANALYTICS & REPORTING: Review your social posts’ and ads’ performance and make changes to your strategy, as needed.
    • Review how your posts and ads are performing in a timely manner. This can be done monthly, quarterly, etc. (some categories for measurement of success may include number of followers, likes, comments, and shares).
    • Compare your findings to previous months or the same time in previous years for best results.


  • ADVERTISING: Support your strategy with paid advertising to reach a wider audience.
    • Consider using social media ads to reach a wider audience than your current following.
    • You can target ads based on specific demographics and interests to better reach your audience.


Having successful social media marketing efforts may seem like a daunting task, but you’ve got Mopdog on your side. Give us a call today at 678-737-7333 for a consultation, and we will work like a dog to vitalize your organization’s digital presence.


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