Special Delivery: Mopdog Puts It All Down On Paper

Receiving a piece of direct mail is a surprising and personal way to gain valuable information. Although well-crafted messaging and engaging design might require more time and attention, the ROI is worth the work. In fact, according to PrintIsBig.com, “U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold; a 1,300% return.”

Beyond a large postcard or skinny pamphlet, a multi-page newsletter is the best way to inform clients about your company—especially for a commercial business in the customer service sector—or supporters about your mission—especially for a nonprofit organization tackling an important issue. Remember these communications are more detailed and helpful than sales pieces, promotional items or catalogs. The “publications” should be sent at regular periods (monthly or quarterly) and should be concise, with seasonal information or timely updates.

Below is a recent example of the inside of a newsletter written and designed by Mopdog for Georgia Prevention Project’s Spring 2015 edition.

GPP inside



The Digital Age
The goal of each newsletter sent out by Georgia Prevention Project (GPP) is to announce the progress being made by the cause-oriented, statewide campaign to hopefully spur more donations. But to truly get the many benefits from a semiannual project like this, it is vital to repurpose all the printed imagery and written content across various digital platforms, in order to reach every type of audience.

Repackaging a printed newsletter into an online landing page (blog) or an e-communications html email reinforces the organization’s message and shows contributors their support matters. Another great way to grab attention and transition the audience from a printed newsletter in one hand to a mobile device in the other hand is a QR code, which could direct a viewer to customized video content.

Check out GPP’s online edition of the Spring 2015 newsletter, or see an individual piece, like “New College Campaign Makes Rx Abuse a Hard Pill to Swallow,” repurposed as a blog.


The Community Corner
When a printed newsletter arrives, the recipient can literally hold it and thumb through the information. If it is of a high quality (with vibrant colors, engaging images and grabbing headlines) it will not be seen as junk mail.

For a company that is service-oriented, the mailer serves as a reminder to the recipient about routine maintenance and provides discounts based on this great customer loyalty. And, it is always a plus to remind a household about how reliable and dependable your company is. It costs far less to nurture existing customer relationships than it does to establish new ones.

Below is an example of the inside of a newsletter written and designed by Mopdog for E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning’s Spring 2015 edition.

esmith newsletter

Smith Heating & Air Conditioning is a family-owned business that serves a tight knit community. They reach out to customers, past and present, each fall and spring. As a trusted business, E. Smith wants to share the best advice, how-to tips and even fun pieces to demonstrate just how much their clients are valued.

These messages are not only found in printed newsletters, but also sent more often as emails. These communications are an excellent way to reinforce the company’s brand and “mascot” E. Man.

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