Social Media for Your Business: LinkedIn


46% of the world’s population uses social media networks. Whether for entertainment, research, interaction and more, these platforms connect us in ways that other technologies have not. Thanks to the fast-paced interactions that can take place on social media, users can share ideas, comment on topics and even share live content in a matter of seconds.


These fast-paced interactions can be very beneficial to businesses and organizations that are trying to reach more individuals and maintain their audiences informed. With a variety of social media platforms available for use, however, it is important to ensure such platforms align with and support the goals of the organization using them.


The platform we want to highlight today is LinkedIn. This is a platform that while continues to gain more traction among social media users, it still being underutilized. Does your organization currently have a LinkedIn? Continue reading to learn more about this great platform and its benefits.



Most businesses and organizations have accounts on the most popular networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, many aren’t taking full advantage of LinkedIn and its 630 million users. LinkedIn can be a great place to engage with your clients, donors, prospects, partners, as well as current and potential employees.


It’s one of the most useful social networks for B2B marketing as it allows you to reach decision-makers and buyers. LinkedIn has two times the buying power of average web audiences. And 4 of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions (LinkedIn).


According to a recent HubSpot study, LinkedIn is capable of generating three times more leads than Facebook or Twitter.



Advantages of LinkedIn


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads allow you to target professional audiences with its comprehensive targeting capabilities.

  • Rich demographic data allows you to filter by job function, seniority, company name, geography, industry, and more.
  • Interest-based filtering allows you to target members by the LinkedIn Groups they belong to, their field of study, the skills they self-identify, and more.
  • Persona targeting allows you to reach key segments like Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Business Travelers, and more based on member profile data and behavior.
  • You can also match your target account list against the 8M+ LinkedIn Pages.


Other Advantages of LinkedIn

  • Visibility. Potential lead and job seekers on LinkedIn can find your profile when searching for companies.
  • A little clout. Your employees can link to your company profile from their LinkedIn profiles. Your company profile image is also displayed in their experience section. This is a small thing that can help make your company look more professional and established to your current and potential employees.
  • Recruiting employees. If you create a job posting you’ll need to have a profile. Please note that job postings are not free.


Need Some Help with Your Social Media Management?

At Mopdog, we can help you determine the right social media strategy for your business. We can even manage your social media profiles, run your ads and create content that your audience will value.


Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can support your organization’s success.



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