LinkedIn Live Solidifies Video as Top Content

Video has claimed the throne as the highest-performing content on social media. On LinkedIn alone, posts with video media attached receive 20x more engagement than static images or no media at all. And when it comes to video content, live video is not far behind. As of 2019, LinkedIn is adding a live streaming option for users in the United States with plans to expand after a successful rollout. This means live video will be available on all four major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


What does this mean for marketing? Let’s look at the nature of video content itself. Where text and images provide information, they lack movement and action like a video does. Audiences on social media decide whether or not they are going to watch a video in 3 seconds according to a quote from LinkedIn Senior Product Manager, Peter Roybal. If we apply that same time frame to written content, the first sentence is everything. Depending on how long your sentence is, the first half of it is everything. When content creators are up against a clock this quick, video will always win out. The combination of sound, visuals, movement and message are way more equipped to grab a person’s attention than the opening sentence of a tweet.


Live video adds immediacy to the content. When the audience scrolls past a video and sees the red LIVE button in the top corner, it means something is happening now. If you don’t stop and watch, you’ll miss it. Most live video features on social media feature past streams on a company’s main page. This isn’t the point, though. Data shows that the more involved a company becomes with engaging followers on social media, the more conversions they see to profit and brand loyalty. You can schedule a live stream to answer questions on your services, or to feature a new product, and build loyal customers in 30 minutes. By using live video on a professional social platform like LinkedIn, the possibilities include:


  • Reaching decision makers directly
  • Building your credibility as a leader in the field
  • Establishing your brand as current and relevant
  • Creating strong relationships with potential clients
  • Addressing major questions and concerns before they can impact your online persona
  • Having direct control to shape public perception of your brand


There are still some social media platforms that refuse to implement live video. Snapchat was built on the premise of sharing quick, relatable photos and videos to disappear later. Yet even after adding geo-location, direct messaging, stories and branded content, they are steadfast in their denial of a live streaming function for their users. They claim there aren’t many uses for the feature. Is live video streaming flooding the market too quickly? Popular opinion says not for now.


Live video and video content are the most successful tools available for maximizing your social media engagement at this time. Businesses can attempt their own versions of video editing to raise awareness of their brand, or they can employ advertising professionals to help. Mopdog offers many services to enhance a company’s social media presence, including video editing. These features would not be available for live streams, but they would elevate your overall social media content.


Stay updated on current stories in content marketing through our social accounts and our blog. Contact us today for more information on how Mopdog can help your business grow.

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