Warm Up Your Marketing Game

Posted on January 25, 2018, by Chelsea

Are you finding that your company is stuck on the same old marketing strategy year after year? It’s easy to get in a routine and forget that as technology and trends shift, the way you reach your customers and clients should, too.

Fortunately, we have the creative and strategy team at Mopdog prepared to warm up your marketing game to help you achieve another successful year! Check out the firm and our services, and contact us if you’re ready to see some change in the way your company approaches marketing.

To put your company to the test, here are five marketing and social media trends for 2018. Are you implementing any of these tactics in your current strategy?

Live streaming will become an expectation. According to Forbes, people are much more likely to watch a video than read a blog. Users, therefore, are starting to expect live streaming videos from brands they love. In 2018, we might see companies really take off with live stream to reach more people and potential customers. Think both Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

Ecommerce might get bigger and better. Facebook introduced Bots a while back to liven up Messenger and enhance the e-commerce section of the platform, and they are even working with PayPal to better accommodate users. Now, they are looking to set up an peer-to-peer payment option, where users can easily pay each other through Facebook Messenger.

Sponsored ads and boost posts will continue to rise. There’s no question that social media platforms have started focusing more on gaining revenue from companies through sponsored advertising and boosting posts. In 2017 alone, there was a 60% increase in social media budget for big brands (Impact). 2018 will prove no different as these mediums continue to market to companies through increased transparency on the ROI of these ads.

Brands will get more personal. With the coming of “brand fatigue,” where social media users are bored of normal brand content, companies will need to find unique and personal ways to reach and engage their customers online.

Twitter will try and make a comeback. This platform showed the slowest growth in 2017 compared to Instagram, Facebook and others, so some businesses are hesitant to continue using the platform in 2018. But Twitter is looking to accommodate more brands with new ad subscriptions, on top of already increasing the character limit to 280.