Technology Vulnerabilities Addressed by Mopdog’s Strengths

Posted on November 13, 2017, by mopdog

The many updates from different apps and technology software can seem impossible to stay on top of – much less trying to keep track of what each update entails. The latest update to WordPress is available (4.8.3) and is a security release, increasing vulnerabilities to potential hackers. These issues with the themes and plugins were also meant to be addressed in the last update (4.8.2) but have yet to be solved.

The security vulnerabilities create full disclosure for websites, which publicly shares the technical details of vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to access the information as well. When issues like these ensue, the pressure to act swiftly and work on the back end of your website is essential. It was failed updates such as this one that resulted in Equifax being hacked. Learn more about the WordPress update here »

Due to this security update, Mopdog is taking care of our website maintenance clients by completing their monthly maintenance updates early to keep their sites safe. If you would like us to maintain your website’s security and more, contact us! We would love to take care of you help eliminate your worries as technology continues to upgrade. Learn more about our services »

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