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You may already be familiar with MailChimp – the world’s leading email marketing platform that allows you to send email blasts to everyone in your business’ contact list easily and in style.


Recently, however, they have expanded their services, now allowing companies to create and schedule Facebook ads on MailChimp at no extra cost to the ad.


The simple how-to:

  • Create a campaign in your MailChimp account.
  • Select Facebook Ad as a campaign.
  • Link to your company’s Facebook account and select an audience.
  • Create a budget and schedule your ad.
  • Insert the content and photos.
  • Wait for approval from Facebook.
  • See your reports from the ad in MailChimp.


Ad Styling

When adding photos for the ad, companies can decide if they want to have a single photo ad, or create a carousel of multiple photos to show more merchandise.



Because MailChimp does not charge any additional fees, it costs the same as going through Facebook would. Companies are charged per ad click, and any remaining budget is reimbursed to the company.


Simplified Reporting

Typically, there are multiple platforms to go to when it’s time to start analyzing your marketing efforts. When you complete MailChimp newsletters or emails, reports are pulled within MailChimp for easy access and analyzing. And before, to view your Facebook ads results, you had to go through Facebook to see how the ads performed. Now, however, if you create and schedule an ad through MailChimp, the results will pull straight into the MailChimp reporting section, providing one less step for you to track your efforts.



Upon completion of an ad, MailChimp provides a comprehensive report of the revenue received, the products sold and the customers acquired if the company previously synced their store to MailChimp. This allows them to see where the ads brought customers to, and what the customers did on the website they were brought to (purchases made, products clicked on, etc.). And the best part – you don’t have to go through multiple platforms to see your reports! All campaigns done through MailChimp, including Facebook Ads, will have reports pulled on the one site.

Learn more about what your company can do when you connect your store through MailChimp.


We can help!

Mopdog thrives on all forms of marketing, advertising and communications, so we’d love to help you with your email blasts, newsletters or Facebook ads through MailChimp or through any of the many services we offer!

Contact us and see how we can help you manage your MailChimp campaigns and simplify your analytics process!

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