Passwords: Virtual Afterlife

You have different passwords for your bank account, your Gmail account, your cell phone account, Facebook, Twitter and your employee workstation. There are passwords that must be at least 6 characters, some that must include a number or a capital letter and some that are such a random combination of symbols, numbers and characters that Stephen Hawking would have trouble remembering them. Frankly, it makes me dizzy thinking about all of my passwords. I find myself using the “forgot password” feature more often than not.

One night I happened to catch a news clip about our online identities and what happens after someone passed away. Not something you ever really think about, but you can imagine what families might have to endure if they were denied access to important personal accounts simply because they didn’t have the passwords. Such was the case with Jeremy Toeman, who wanted to get access to his grandmother’s accounts after she passed but couldn’t. He recognized that if something were to happen to him that his family would have the same problem.

This inspired Jeremy to build a program called Legacy Locker, a safe and convenient way to pass along logins to loved ones. On Legacy Locker you can not only store your digital assets but also copy documents such as deeds, stock certificates, contracts and even write a letter to a loved one or create a video document. The site also allows you to setup different beneficiaries for different assets and you can easily change them.

As our lives become more and more tied to digital data, services such as Legacy Locker will become increasingly necessary to manage that data.

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