Part of this Complete Breakfast

We all know the importance of breakfast; it sets your body’s energy level for the entire day. It can affect your mood, your work performance, your concentration and even your life expectancy (Thanks AMA!). It’s a wonder that it’s the meal most often skipped.

And this got me thinking. Your brand is a lot like breakfast. It’s the starting point for your company. It’s echoed in all of your company collateral, it gives you the basis for your marketing, defines the corporate strategy and influences the choice of business partnerships. Or to say it more accurately, the idea behind your brand drives everything your company does.

Let me use Apple as an example. I know everyone uses them as an example for everything, but hang with me.

Apple’s brand, like all good brands, is based on one powerful brand statement. But this statement doesn’t appear in any of their brochures, nor will you find it anywhere on their oh-so-tasty packaging. It isn’t even in their tagline (wait…they don’t have a tagline). Yet it’s the reason behind everything they do as a company.

Ready for it?

Apple Computers wants to be the center of your digital life.

It’s a simple statement, but as a company, Apple has it for breakfast everyday. It has literally affected every major business decision since the late 90s. If a product or business venture doesn’t support this brand statement, then it doesn’t get the Apple logo.

Now I know you’re thinking it’s easy for him to sit there and point to a brand icon and say “be like them.” It’s much more difficult to go out and do it when you’re not Apple. But no one said it was easy. However, if you’re looking to build a strong brand, the best place to start is your brand idea.

Start by taking some time to analyze your company’s brand message. Is it something you and your company can eat for breakfast everyday? Can you own it? Is the idea meaningful to your customers or clients? Is it hearty enough to be the basis of an entire company strategy?

Sometimes the idea presents itself as if by magic. Sometimes it requires digging. But whatever you do, don’t build a brand without it. Don’t skip breakfast.

Or just give us a call.

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