Mopdog welcomes The Musials to “The Newlywed Game—Plus Twenty Years!”

Cowboy Boots & HeelsWhat a lovely audience we have for this week’s edition of “The Newlywed Game—Plus Twenty Years!” I’m your host, Moppy. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we invited two dynamic contestants, who are not only happily married, but also run a marketing and design firm together. Let’s get to know Bill and Cheryl Musial.

Hello Bill. First tell me, how long have you and this lovely blonde been married?
Bill: We have been married 26 years, but it seems like only yesterday.


Cheryl, when did you first working side-by-side with this smooth talker?
Cheryl: Officially, 17 years ago. However, just to clarify, Bill takes the lead and I follow.


What a couple of lovebirds. Now to the game. We asked our contestants the same questions to see if their answers were a match “made in heaven.” Let’s start with a warm up.  Bill, what is Cheryl’s favorite color?
Bill: Red
Cheryl: It’s red.


That’s a point! Cheryl, what is Bill’s favorite food?
Cheryl: Coney Island hot dogs with chili
Bill: Chilidogs and tater tots


Another point! Okay, now for some tougher ones. Cheryl, what is the best part about working together?
Cheryl: Working on the same team for the right reasons!
Bill: I went with the politically correct answer—spending time together.


I think those are both great. Five points! Bill, what is the most challenging part about working together?
Bill: The most challenging part is trying to find a separation from our work life and our personal life.
Cheryl: Realizing that Topdog is usually right the majority of the time!


Cheryl, that is the best answer of the day. Another five points and I will let you answer this last question on your own. Cheryl, what is the best accomplishment you two have achieved together—professional or personally?
Cheryl: Besides our joined efforts at Mopdog Creative + Strategy, the best accomplishment by far is our two awesome boys, Cole and Zach. We are blessed!


What a fun couple. Your staff and clients must have a doggone good time with you two. Well folks, that is all the time we have for today. As always men, stay out of the doghouse!


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