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If content is king, then video is a vixen—visually appealing to get all the attention. The amount of footage rolling across the Internet and, more importantly, the rate of online video viewership has risen sharply this year. In 2012, video traffic already accounted for 57 percent of all Internet activity, and analysts project that number to rise to 69 percent by 2017.

The benefits of video over stationary text are easy to see; movement draws attention from wandering eyes and keeps the audience engaged. However, an effective video campaign must be skillfully crafted to withstand the short attention span of younger generations and stand out from amateur productions cluttering social media channels. According to numbers published by YouTube, 300 hours of video is uploaded to the viewing site every minute, reaching more than 1 billion users.

Luckily—or some might say, very strategically—Mopdog is ahead of the curve when it comes to planning, producing and packaging video content. Our firm made high-end video production and animation a priority three years ago, and have since produced more than 70 unique videos. Every aspect (story boarding, lighting, filming, sound engineering, motion graphics, animation and editing) is completed in-house.


This has been a pubic service announcement.
At Mopdog, we stand behind the effectiveness of video to communicate a message to the general public. An awareness campaign starts by knowing the target audience and the purpose of the piece. From there, the content is placed in a context, so the viewer will connect to the material, and hopefully react in the intended way.

A perfect example is our work with Cobb Alcohol Taskforce, an alliance aimed at curbing underage and youth binge drinking. As a nonprofit, the organization’s marketing directly tied to its mission of educating the public, while also gaining support and influence in the county.

Using both live-action, man-on-the-street footage and clever animation produced by Mopdog, the community-focused messages were positioned as viral, social media tools. Click the images below, to watch the unique, in-your-face delivery of Cobb Alcohol Taskforce’s Real Proof Campaign and Social Host Ordinance.

CAT Real Proof

CAT-Social Ordiance

How to make an effective “How to” video.
Sometimes the video needs of a company do not involve fancy animation or developing a character. Often, the best value is showing a product being used in a real way, in real time. Still, these videos can require meticulous planning to show the company’s service in the best light. These shoots also tend to be longer, to give plenty of time for in-depth instructional value.

These videos can be constantly available as an infomercial—placed on a landing page tied to the company website—to highlight your business solving a problem. These teaching tools, or product demonstrations, are designed to be accurate and easy to follow. They can also be used for internal employee training or to share with vendors.

At Mopdog, we have produced many informative, step-by-step video guides. Click the image below to watch a great example of a “How to” video for Georgia-Pacific.

Georgia-Pacific video


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